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Scheduling, a key feature in Nojumi's comprehensive suite of general practice management tools, redefines the way law firms manage appointments and interactions with clients and third parties. Seamlessly integrated with other functionalities in our product lineup, the Scheduling Feature sets itself apart by offering a robust set of capabilities. Below is a detailed comparison between Nojumi and Calendly, showcasing how Nojumi excels in various aspects:


Nojumi: Included as a core feature, incurring no extra charges.
Calendly: Subscription Plans billed per seat/month or per seat/year.

Number of Meetings

Both Nojumi and Calendly allow unlimited meetings to be booked.

Matters Integration

Nojumi: Displays matter information on calendar events, showing all meetings scheduled for a specific matter.
Calendly: Does not meet this level of matter-specific integration.

Default Attendees

Nojumi: Allows specification of staff members required for specific meetings, meeting the needs of various practice areas.
Calendly: Does not meet this requirement.

Common Availability

Nojumi: Client link includes common availability of all attending staff members, ensuring a unified scheduling experience.
Calendly: Meets this requirement.

Firm Calendars vs. Personal Calendars

Nojumi: Staff members can have multiple personal calendars reflecting individual availability, with events added to a central firm calendar.
Calendly: Not specified.

External Calendar Integration

Both Nojumi and Calendly meet the requirement of updating external calendars upon booking.

Practice Area Calendars

Nojumi: Supports practice area calendars and matter types, exceeding Calendly's capabilities in this aspect.
Calendly: Does not meet this requirement.

Custom Working Hours

Both Nojumi and Calendly allow staff members to set custom working hours, ensuring flexibility in scheduling.

Same Day Bookings:

Both Nojumi and Calendly meet the requirement of allowing or disallowing same-day bookings.

Custom Booking Links and Branding

Both Nojumi and Calendly provide custom booking links for each recipient, enhancing security and control over bookings. Additionally, both allow customization of branding to booking pages.

Nojumi’s Scheduling Feature not only meets but exceeds the capabilities of Calendly in several key areas, providing a comprehensive and customizable solution for efficient appointment management within the legal practice.