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Prospect Management Tool

Here’s a glimpse of what the tool can do for your firm:


Workflow Integration

Seamlessly integrate the Prospect Management Tool to compliment your existing conveyancing workflows and tools. There's no need to transition away from your current software provider – designed to enhance what you already have in place.

Branding & Customization

Personalize the tool with custom branding and color themes to make it uniquely yours. You'll also be able to include your firm's disclaimers and possible additional fees into the written quotations, promoting transparency.

Prospect Management

Monitor your success rate with prospects, enabling you to fine-tune your approach for better results. Never lose deal to lack of follow-up, the tool can automate follow-up correspondence to your prospects to keep your firm on top of their mind.

Automated Client Onboarding

Once a prospects hires you, with the click of a button, a retainer agreement will instantly be generated based on the quote and ready for client acceptance. Then delegate data entry to your clients, making the process more efficient, saving you time and simplifying client onboarding.

Mitigate Risk

Take on larger transactions with confidence. The tool allows you to offer more extensive quotes, mitigating the risk associated with substantial deals. Create your own custom quotation formulas or use the formula recommended by the Working Group of Real Estate Lawyers, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Promo Codes

Unlimited customizable promo codes. Whether it's a flat discount, percentage off, or hourly special, tailor promotions to suit your firm's strategy. Set expiry dates for urgency and boost impact. Elevate collaboration by issuing personalized referral codes and exclusive discounts for your realtor network.

Nojumi is your essential tool for converting prospects into clients, seamlessly managing their journey and ensuring the lasting success of your firm. Elevate your legal practice with Nojumi today.

Prospect Management Tool

Streamline workflows, generate unlimited instant quotes, and boost success rates effortlessly. Packed with essential features like Workflow Integration, Branding, Prospect Management, Automated Onboarding, Risk Mitigation, and Promo Codes.

$15 per month

Let's get started

If you regularly act for Private Mortgage lenders and wish to automate your practice, get yourself a Nojumi account and benefit from the many automated solutions it offers. As part of our onboarding program, in addition to setting up your account, we will walk you through your first closing to make sure you learn to fully utilize the program’s features.

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