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Refinance Closer


Affordable, Agile, and Always Predictable Pricing

Nojumi's pricing model is crafted to ensure that you and your clients can trust the process without breaking the bank. Experience the assurance of costs that won't skyrocket, making your legal practice not just efficient but also cost-effective.

Automated Excellence

Bid farewell to manual data entry hassles! Our cutting-edge platform automates intake processes, facilitating smooth collaboration between you and your legal team. Experience a streamlined, time-saving approach that enhances productivity and ensures accuracy.

Document Generation, Simplified

Crafting essential documents is now a breeze. Nojumi's Refinance Closer swiftly generates all necessary transaction paperwork, ensuring compliance and precision with every detail. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on what matters – your clients.

Effortless Correspondence

Stay connected and informed throughout the entire transaction effortlessly. Our automated correspondence system enables seamless communication with clients and other involved parties. Never miss a beat with Nojumi's Refinance Closer.

Integrated Solutions for Seamless Management

Nojumi offers integrations with Teranet for Title Searches, Title Insurance companies, and electronic document signing via Dropbox Sign, among others. Manage all your transactions in one centralized hub, simplifying your workflow and enhancing collaboration.

Experience the future of legal transactions with Nojumi’s Refinance Closer. Streamline your processes, elevate client satisfaction, and make your legal practice more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Refinance Closer Pricing

As part of our Refinance Closer package, our software will automatically produce 9 closing documents and a variety of automated correspondences for you.

$30 per matter

Let's get started

If you regularly act for Private Mortgage lenders and wish to automate your practice, get yourself a Nojumi account and benefit from the many automated solutions it offers. As part of our onboarding program, in addition to setting up your account, we will walk you through your first closing to make sure you learn to fully utilize the program’s features.

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