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Private Mortgage Lender


As part of our Closing package, our software will automatically produce 36 closing documents and 7 correspondences for you.

$100 per matter

Renewals & Amendments

Renewals and amendments are a common part of a private mortgage solicitor’s practice but they are seldom properly documented

$50 per renewal/amendment

Payouts & Discharges

Payout calculations are typically the most challenging part of the process for private lender’s solicitor.

$50 per payout/discharge


In many situations private mortgage transactions involve more than one lender. In these circumstances preparation of an Intercreditor Agreement is essential

$50 per matter


While most solicitors stay away from litigation, from time to time, you may wish to be able to quickly send a demand letter to or to even issue and serve a statement of claim when you anticipate that the borrower will likely not defend.

$250 per matter

Let's get started

If you regularly act for Private Mortgage lenders and wish to automate your practice, get yourself a Nojumi account and benefit from the many automated solutions it offers. As part of our onboarding program, in addition to setting up your account, we will walk you through your first closing to make sure you learn to fully utilize the program’s features.

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