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Dispute Manager

Here’s a glimpse of what the tool can do for your firm:


Organize with Ease:

No more chaos of scattered legal data. Dispute Manager provides a centralized hub for all your litigation matter details. Effortlessly store and organize information, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

Examination Excellence

Take control of witness examinations like never before. Our tool facilitates a meticulous examination process, allowing you to maintain evidence seamlessly. Tie evidence directly to witness examinations for a comprehensive and structured approach.

Strategic Analysis

Empower your legal strategy with data-driven insights. Dispute Manager goes beyond mere organization — it analyzes your matter data, identifying potential weaknesses and strengths in your case. Make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game.

Continuous Progress Tracking

Never lose track of your legal matters again. Our tool enables you to pick up right where you left off, even after an extended period. Stay organized, stay focused, and quickly get back up to speed with the intuitive tracking capabilities of Dispute Manager.

Team Collaboration Made Simple

Leverage the user-friendly interface to involve team members of all experience levels. Even inexperienced team members can efficiently manage and organize data, ensuring a cohesive and collaborative effort in handling your litigation matters.

Client Empowerment

Enhance client collaboration with our platform. Clients can effortlessly upload and organize data, fostering transparent communication and a streamlined exchange of information. Strengthen your client relationships by giving them a direct role in the litigation management process.

Experience the future of litigation management with Nojumi’s Dispute Manager. From organizing evidence to strategic analysis, our tool is the catalyst for a more efficient, collaborative, and successful legal practice.

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If you regularly act for Private Mortgage lenders and wish to automate your practice, get yourself a Nojumi account and benefit from the many automated solutions it offers. As part of our onboarding program, in addition to setting up your account, we will walk you through your first closing to make sure you learn to fully utilize the program’s features.

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