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Title & Writ Searches

Title & Writ Searches is part of Nojumi's extensive suite of real estate practice management tools, enhancing the efficiency and convenience of property-related research. This feature seamlessly integrates with Teraview, a leading platform for such searches, allowing legal professionals to conduct Title and Writ Searches directly within the Nojumi platform.

The integration with Teraview means that legal professionals can perform these searches without the need to switch between multiple systems. This consolidation into a unified platform streamlines workflow, minimizing disruptions, and improving overall productivity. The real-time information retrieval capability ensures that legal professionals have access to the most up-to-date data for their property-related research.

By leveraging the accuracy and reliability of Teraview’s property-related data within Nojumi, legal professionals can make confident and well-informed decisions. This integration not only saves time but also contributes to cost savings, allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources within the practice.

The user-friendly interface of Nojumi ensures that legal professionals can navigate and utilize the Title & Writ Searches feature with ease, providing a seamless experience even for those who may not be familiar with Teraview’s standalone system.

Nojumi’s integration with Teraview for Title & Writ Searches represents a commitment to improving the property-related research experience within the legal practice. This feature contributes to enhanced productivity, informed decision-making, and an overall streamlined approach to managing property-related matters.