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Onboarding and Training Packages

Onboarding Session

Onboarding is provided at no charge, with a commitment to subscribe to one of the training packages, outlined below. During the session, your firms assigned admin users will spend time with the Nojumi team to set up their account for seamless use. We assist with setup of such things like, users, custom branding, the prospect management tool, integrations, firm defaults and much more.

Training Packages

Why the Training Package Fee?

Our goal isn’t to make money from this fee. Instead, it’s a way for you to invest in and commit to your legal tech future while enjoying the immediate benefits of a fully credited account. We’re here to empower your journey, not profit from it.

 Symbolic Fee: Our commitment to your success is reflected in our, symbolic usage commitment (training package fee). This nominal investment signifies the dedication and time commitment required for a successful legal tech adoption. It’s not just a fee; it’s a shared commitment to your firm’s transformative journey.

 Full Credit to your Account: We understand the importance of financial support during the initial stages. That’s why the entire training package fee is credited to your Nojumi account, serving as financial assistance for your initial matters. Use this credit until it’s depleted – it’s your investment in your legal tech future, not ours.

Ready to Elevate Your Legal Tech Experience?

Embrace the legal tech revolution with Nojumi. Select the package that suits your firm’s needs and join us on a journey toward a more efficient, tech-savvy future.